about: I link complex sustainability challenges to strategic sustainability solutions. As a climate & sustainability professional, I engage big problems using data, technology, science, policy, strategy, expert networks, & project management. I leverage my training in sustainability science, frameworks, & policy to develop solutions for impact. In parallel, I use my business experience in management consulting to build trust with key stakeholders. Currently, I am a Sustainability Scientist & Project Manager at Arizona State University (ASU). I am completing my Ph.D. in Sustainability Science at ASU’s School of Sustainability & its College of Global Futures. Before joining ASU, I worked as a Project Leader & Research Analyst for ENGIE Impact, an energy & sustainability consulting firm (+ Ecova & Ecos via acquisitions). At ENGIE Impact, I managed cross-functional teams of engineers, policy experts, & analysts to deliver environmental, social, & governance (ESG) programs for customers. Our team reduced greenhouse gas emissions, affected policy change, & generated energy cost savings for clients. 

focus areas: sustainability science | climate action | climate & energy policy | corporate sustainability | carbon emissions | climate-tech | energy efficiency | psychology of climate change | standards & reporting (GRI, TCFD, SBTi)

skills: defining problems | project delivery | strategy | interdisciplinary teams | research | data analysis & visualization | program management | translating impact | policy change | stakeholder engagement | client partnerships

current projects: My academic research investigates climate & sustainability professionals as a ‘wicked problem occupation’. What happens when the ‘end of the world’ is your day job? I collaborate with a network of international climate scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to capture stories from their front-line work on climate change. I combine sustainability, climate, social psychology, & identity scholarship to explore how experts cope in occupations engaging complex global sustainability challenges. 

career: My career mission is to reshape sustainability problems into sustainability solutions to create impact. I am committed to supporting the world’s transition to a more responsible low-carbon economy. I work with like-minded companies, organizations, & people to apply this mission.