about: I am a sustainability social scientist and Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University. My dissertation research investigates how climate change scholars function and cope in a ‘wicked problem occupation’. I combine sustainability, climate change, social psychology and identity scholarship to study how scholars maintain a positive occupational identity amidst their engagement with complex and overwhelming problems such as climate change. More broadly, my research and teaching interests adopt a transdisciplinary and pragmatic approach to sustainability scholarship in areas such as the social psychology of climate change, sustainable energy development, the justice dilemmas of low carbon decision-making, and energy and climate policy. I earned a M.S. in environmental sciences from the Institute for Environmental Studies at Texas Christian University and B.S. in environmental studies from the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University. I am currently seeking job opportunities for my post-graduate career.

research and teaching interests: human dimensions of sustainability; social psychology of climate change; science activism; sustainable energy development; climate and energy policy.